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Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller

The Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller is suitable for automatic sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation. The valve inside the controller operates with water supply pressure in the range 10 kPa to 800 kPa. The interval between irrigation events responds automatically to the on-site prevailing weather conditions (namely, evaporation and rainfall).

It is recommended that you watch the video: Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller

​The Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller may be purchased from the Measured Irrigation website.

A polyester cloth wicks water from inside the plastic container to the ourside to evaporate. When the water level reaches the low level, a magnet inside a float activates the valve so that the valve opens and the irrigation starts. During the irrigation event a control dripper drips water into the poypropylene container via holes in the lid and the water level rises. When the water level reaches the high level, the magnet inside the float disengages from the valve so that the valve closes and the irrigation stops.

During an irrigation event, the control dripper replaces the water that has evaporated since the previous irrigation event. This volume is called the control volume. By adjusting the float, the control volume can be set to any value between 605 ml and 1260 ml.

The Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller is a game-changer for automated gravity feed irrigation from a rainwater tank without using a pump.

Key Features

  1. Unpowered (no batteries, no solar panels, no electronics, no computers)

  2. Water supply pressure 10 kPa to 800 kPa

  3. Use for sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation

  4. Use for gravity feed or pressurised irrigation

  5. Use indoors and outdoors

  6. Can deliver water to at least 400 2 L/H drippers

  7. By using one or two irrigation drippers as the control dripper and adjusting the float, the dripper discharge can be set to any value between 302 ml and 1260 ml and is independent of the water supply pressure

  8. By using the adjustable control dripper, the emitter discharge (sprinkler or dripper) can be adjusted by adjusting the control dripper

  9. Adjust the interval between irrigation events by adjusting the area of exposed fabric

  10. Responds automatically to on-site evaporation and rainfall

  11. The irrigation frequency increases significantly during a heat wave

  12. Irrigate directly from a rainwater tank without using a pump

  13. The lid on the plastic container protects the water from debris, algae, mosquitoes and thirsty animals

  14. Simple, unpowered, and low tech, and therefore fewer things can go wrong

  15. Leave your irrigation application unattended for months on end

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