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Just a quick post to inform you about the Unpowered Irrigation Controller (formerly, the Unpowered Terracotta Valve).

Irrigation controllers rely on power for continuous operation. If there is a power failure or a battery is flat, the irrigation stops and your plants may die. This is particularly relevant in remote locations where access is limited. The Unpowered Irrigation Controller is the only irrigation controller in the world that does not need power. Provided the water supply is continuous, the irrigation controller will operate indefinitely.

You may wish to watch the video Unpowered Irrigation Controller.

The User Manual for the Unpowered Irrigation Controller is attached.

The Unpowered Irrigation Controller costs only $74 and is available from the Measured Irrigation website.

Please let me know what you are thinking.

Unpowered Irrigation Controller User Manual no booster Jan 2024
Download PDF • 579KB

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