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Automation Kit for Farm Pond Irrigation


Farm Pond in Kenya for gravity feed drip irrigation

As well as the User Manual, the kit includes the following components


Unpowered Irrigation Controller

Double pump (two 19 watt pumps connected in series) with an inlet filter, fittings to connect to 19 mm poly pipe, and 9 metres of waterproof electrical cable


The Automation Kit for Farm Pond Irrigation is for smallholders with a farm pond and gravity feed drip irrigation from a header tank. Water is pumped automatically from the farm pond to the header tank and your small farm is irrigated automatically by an Unpowered Irrigation Controller. You can leave your farm unattended for weeks on end, and so you can become involved in other activities away from the farm; for example, travelling to the market to sell your produce.

It is assumed that the bottom of the farm pond is no more than 4 metres lower than the irrigation drippers. The water supply pressure from the header tank should be at least 1 metre head.

The Kit includs an Unpowered Irrigation Controller to supply water to approximately 400 non-pressure compensating (NPC) drippers on flat land (assuming that each dripper has a flow rate of 2 L/H at 100 kPa). If your farm requires more than 400 drippers, you can subdivide your farm into zones with up to 400 drippers per zone (each zone has a separate controller).


The Unpowered Irrigation Controller may be purchased separately from the Measured Irrigation Shop

You will need to purchase a 40 watt solar panel and connect it ditectly to the pump.(no battery required).

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The Automation Kit for Farm Pond Irrigation can be purchased online from the Measured Irrigation Shop.

Connect the water supply to the inlet and connect the irrigation application to the outlet

Installation of the Unpowered Irrigation Controller

Position the Unpowered Irrigation Controllerin a suitable location on your farm so that the evaporation matches the evaporation at your plants.

Connect the water supply from the header tank to the inlet and connect the irrigation application to the outlet.

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