Measured Irrigation Videos

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An amazing water-saving invention: Universal Measured Irrigation Controller

Claim: For any drip or sprinkler irrigation zone, the Universal Measured Irrigation Controller can save more water than any other smart irrigation controller of similar cost without compromising the plants.

It can used for gravity feed irrigation, pressurised irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, pressure compensating drippers and non-pressure compensating drippers.

(uploaded 7 May 2020, duration 7:09)

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Innovation and gravity feed irrigation

This video features a large garden in Adelaide using gravity feed irrigation from a header tank. A single zone can be used because the pressure at the tank outlet is the same regardless of the number of drippers. There are about 1000 non pressure compensating drippers and the pressure at each the dripper is about 50 cm. For conventional pressurised irrigation a pump is needed and the single zone would need to be replaced by many zones. The water usage is directly proportional to the prevailing net evaporation rate.

(uploaded 9 March 2020, duration 8:24)

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DIY smart irrigation

This video provides step by step instructions so that smallholders can use smart irrigation scheduling. All that is needed is a steel pipe and a storage container. Use for high or low pressure for any irrigation zone, big or small. The irrigation scheduling takes account of

  • the evapotranspiration of your plants

  • the soil type

  • the depth of the root zone

(uploaded 25 July 2019, duration 7:00)

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DIY Smart Irrigation Controller

The Smart Irrigation Controller is Do-It-Yourself and so you can minimise the cost by using locally sourced components.​

  • Completely automatic

  • No electricity is needed (no batteries, no solar panels, and no electronics)

  • You can adjust the water usage by adjusting the control dripper

  • You can adjust the irrigation frequency by changing the evaporator

(uploaded 23 January 2019, duration 9:27)

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Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller

You can leave your garden unattended for weeks on end. The Unpowered MI Controller is incredibly simple and so there are fewer things to go wrong. This video is for smallholders using drip irrigation (either pressurised or gravity feed) on a small plot of land. The controller allows all your plants to be irrigated automatically without using any electricity. It is a smart irrigation controller because the irrigation scheduling is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions.You can adjust both the water usage and the irrigation frequency.
(uploaded 21 November 2018, duration 6:09)

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DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit 

This video is for smallholders using gravity feed drip irrigation on a small plot of land. Water is automatically pumped from the farm pond to the header tank. At sunset each evening, all your plants will be automatically watered by measured irrigation. The kit allows a farmer to become involved in income generating activities away from the farm; for example, travelling to the market to sell produce.
(uploaded 18 May 2018, duration 6:32)

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Measured Irrigation for Smallholders -
Use 50% less water by using a bucket and a steel pipe

This video is for smallholders using gravity feed drip irrigation on a small plot of land. By upgrading from programmed irrigation scheduling to measured irrigation scheduling, water usage may be reduced by 50% or more without affecting the yield. The cost of upgrading to measured irrigation is just the cost of a bucket and a steel pipe. 
(uploaded 14 February 2017, duration 5:14)

Irrigation innovation uses the weather to control litres per week per dripper

This video is for anyone who uses drip irrigation (pressurised or gravity feed) and would like to reduce their water consumption. All that is needed is a bucket. After you have upgraded to measured irrigation, the number of litres per week emitted by each dripper is directly proportional to the nett evaporation rate.

(uploaded 14 June 2016, duration 7:09)

4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture

Dr Omodei was a Keynote Speaker at the 4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture in Beijing, 13th to 15th July 2015. This is a video of Dr Omodei's keynote address. The title of the address was Measured Irrigation - Improving the water-efficiency of irrigation by changing the irrigation paradigm.

(uploaded 6 April 2016, duration 30:26)

Upgrade gravity feed drip irrigation to measured irrigation, using evaporation data 

By upgrading to measured irrigation, you will save more water by controlling the application rate for each plant during the hottest dry month of the year. Save more water by allowing the prevailing weather conditions to control the variations in the application rate throughout the year. The cost of the upgrade is simply the cost of a bucket .

(uploaded 12 January 2016, duration 8:59)

Single zone gravity feed measured irrigation on sloping ground, using evaporation data

This video is for anyone who would like to use gravity feed irrigation on sloping ground. Measured irrigation is more water efficient than an equivalent pressurised drip irrigation system, and the cost of installation and the running costs will be much less.

(uploaded 23 January 2016, duration 6:19)

measured irrigation from a rainwater tank

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Think twice before you buy a pump for your rainwater tank

With measured irrigation you have much more control over the amount of water used for each plant. You don't need a controller because measured irrigation is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions. Measured irrigation is incredibly simple and inexpensive so think twice before you buy a pump for your rainwater tank.

(uploaded 30 October 2014, duration 7:30)

measured irrigation - a major advance in gravity-feed irrigation

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A major advance in gravity-feed irrigation

Three questions are answered in this video.

(1) Is there a low-cost, accurate and uniform  method to water your garden from a tank? 
(2) Why is this information not available from any irrigation supplier? 
(3) How can the irrigation system be automated using a solar panel?

(uploaded 21 May 2014, duration 6:55)

measured irrigation in seedling nurseries

Measured irrigation for seedlings in nurseries

This video is relevant to any seedling nursery where the cost of water is a major expense.

A prototype for water-efficient irrigation has been installed at Provenance Indigenous Plants. 

(uploaded 13 April 2014, duration 5:08)