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Highly Recommended

Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller

Irrigation controllers rely on power for continuous operation. If there is a power failure or a battery runs flat, the irrigation stops and your plants may die. The Unpowered Wicking Irrigation Controller is the only irrigation controllers that does not need power. Provided the water supply is continuous, the irrigation controller will operate indefinitely.

(uploaded 1 Feb 2024, duration 3:58)

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Highly Recommended

Unpowered Irrigation Controller vs Hunter Node

This video compares the Hunter Node Battery Operated Controller with the Unpowered Irrigation Controller. The Hunter Node is powered by two 9 volt alkaline batteries.The UIC operates with water pressure as low as one metre head. The minimum water pressure for the Hunter Node is 15 metres head. 

(uploaded 28 Dec 2023, duration 2:01)

Highly Recommended

DIY automatic clay pot irrigation

A DIY solution for food security for smallholders:
 • Unpowered  • Very low cost and simple to install  • Uses less water than any other irrigation system  • Irrigate an unlimited range of crops at the same time  • Water usage responds automatically to changes in weather and crop requirements

(uploaded 4 July 2023, duration 2:20)

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Highly Recommended

A major advance in drip irrigation

Clay pots have been used to irrigate crops for over 4000 years. Clay pot irrigation is more water-efficient than drip irrigation - the plants decide how much water they need. This video shows how any drip irrigation application can be as water-efficient as clay pot irrigation.

(uploaded 19 April 2023, duration 2:48)

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Highly Recommended

Automatic refilling of wicking beds

The Unpowered Wicking Bed Controller automatically maintains the water level in a wicking bed between a low level and a high level. The gap between the low level and the high level can be set to any value between 27 mm and 60 mm. You can then leave the wicking bed unattended for months on end.

(uploaded 10 March 2023, duration 2:10)

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Highly Recommended

DIY Unpowered Irrigation Controller

Three minutes of you time now may save you thousands of dollars on an automatic irrigation system. This video tells you how to make a DIY Unpowered Irrigation Controller using components available from local stores or the internet. Use for sprinkler or drip irrigation. You can adjust both the irrigation frequency and the dripper discharge.  It is recommended that you also watch the video “Unpowered Irrigation Controller”.

(uploaded 24 Jan 2023, duration 3:29)

Highly Recommended

Unpowered Irrigation Controller

A minute and a half of you time now may save you thousands of dollars on an automatic irrigation system. The Unpowered Irrigation Controller automatically controls sprinkler or drip irrigation. The Unpowered Irrigation Controller responds automatically to the on-site evaporation and rainfall. In fact the irrigation frequency is proportional to the net evaporation. 

(uploaded 1 May 2022, duration 1:30)

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Highly Recommended

Unpowered Irrigation Controller

This remarkable new invention is now using an unglazed terracotta pot as the centrepiece of a state-of-the-art unpowered irrigation valve. The Unpowered Irrigation Controller is suitable for automatic sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation. Variations in the irrigation frequency are automatically controlled by the on-site prevailing weather conditions.

(uploaded 10 May 2021, duration 4:46)

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Highly Recommended

Kerbside Stormwater Recycling Kit

The kit lets you water your garden with stormwater recovered from the roadside gutters. When it starts raining the pump inside the cup starts automatically and pumps water into a tank or wheelie bin. When it stops raining the pump stops automatically.
(uploaded 17 October 2020, duration 2:10)


Highly Recommended

DIY Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller Kit

The Do-It-Yourself Kit is easy to assemble and cuts the price of the Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller by more than 50%.You can leave your garden unattended for weeks on end. The Unpowered MI Controller is incredibly simple and so it's easy to assemble and there are fewer things to go wrong.The controller allows all your plants to be irrigated automatically without using any electricity.
(uploaded 18 August 2020, duration 5:30)


Highly Recommended

Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller

You can leave your garden unattended for weeks on end. The Unpowered MI Controller is incredibly simple and so there are fewer things to go wrong. This video is for smallholders using drip irrigation (either pressurised or gravity feed) on a small plot of land. It is a smart irrigation controller because the irrigation scheduling is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions.You can adjust both the water usage and the irrigation frequency.
(uploaded 21 May 2020, duration 6:09)


Innovation and gravity feed irrigation

This video features a large garden in Adelaide using gravity feed irrigation from a header tank. A single zone can be used because the pressure at the tank outlet is the same regardless of the number of drippers. There are about 1000 non pressure compensating drippers and the pressure at each the dripper is about 50 cm. For conventional pressurised irrigation a pump is needed and the single zone would need to be replaced by many zones. The water usage is directly proportional to the prevailing net evaporation rate.

(uploaded 9 March 2020, duration 8:24)

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Highly Recommended

DIY smart irrigation

This video provides step by step instructions so that smallholders can use smart irrigation scheduling. All that is needed is a steel pipe and a storage container. Use for high or low pressure for any irrigation zone, big or small. The irrigation scheduling takes account of

the evapotranspiration of your plants, the soil type, and the depth of the root zone.

(uploaded 25 July 2019, duration 7:00)

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Highly Recommended

Measured Irrigation for Smallholders -
Use 50% less water by using a bucket and a steel pipe

This video is for smallholders using gravity feed drip irrigation on a small plot of land. By upgrading from programmed irrigation scheduling to measured irrigation scheduling, water usage may be reduced by 50% or more without affecting the yield. 
(uploaded 14 February 2017, duration 5:14)

4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture

Dr Omodei was a Keynote Speaker at the 4th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture in Beijing, 13th to 15th July 2015. This is a video of Dr Omodei's keynote address. The title of the address was Measured Irrigation - Improving the water-efficiency of irrigation by changing the irrigation paradigm.

(uploaded 6 April 2016, duration 30:26)


Irrigation innovation uses the weather to control litres per week per dripper

This video is for anyone who uses drip irrigation (pressurised or gravity feed) and would like to reduce their water consumption. All that is needed is a bucket. After you have upgraded to measured irrigation, the number of litres per week emitted by each dripper is directly proportional to the nett evaporation rate.

(uploaded 14 June 2016, duration 7:09)

measured irrigation from a rainwater tank

Highly Recommended

Think twice before you buy a pump for your rainwater tank

With measured irrigation you have much more control over the amount of water used for each plant. You don't need a controller because measured irrigation is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions. Measured irrigation is incredibly simple and inexpensive so think twice before you buy a pump for your rainwater tank.

(uploaded 30 October 2014, duration 7:30)

Highly Recommended

A major advance in gravity-feed irrigation

Three questions are answered in this video.

(1) Is there a low-cost, accurate and uniform  method to water your garden from a tank? 
(2) Why is this information not available from any irrigation supplier? 

(3) How can the irrigation system be automated using a solar panel?

(uploaded 21 May 2014, duration 6:55)

measured irrigation - a major advance in gravity-feed irrigation

Gravity feed drip irrigation of my large native garden

This video has pictures of my beautiful Australian native garden. I will show you how to irrigate a garden with more than 1000 drippers so that you can set the volume of water delivered by each dripper during the irrigation. A unique feature of the irrigation system is that the volume of water delivered by each dripper is independent of the water supply pressure.  

(uploaded 23 Feb 2023, duration 3:29)

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