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dot2dot Post

Thinking outside the envelope

Addressed Mail Service


The cheapest way in Australia to
prepare and mail one page letters

$100 setup plus $1.38 per letter, including postage.


  • The A4 letters are printed on 100% recycled paper.

  • The letters are folded and sealed.

  • The letters are lodged with Australia Poss.

  • All prices exclusive of GST.



  • dot2dot Post provides a mailing service that is cost effective for mailings as small as 300.

  • You supply the document and the data and we do the rest

  • The delivery name & address, barcode, and other Australia Post requirements are printed on one of the 6 panels of the A4 sheet. You can use the remaining 5 panels any way you like.

  • The no-envelope technology saves you money because there is no outer envelope (so no plastic window) and no insertion.

  • You protect the environment by using less paper, and the paper that is used is 100% recycled.


Suggested applications

  • Mailing letters with merge fields on one or both sides of the page

  • Promotional mailings to customers

  • Mailing receipts

  • Mailing letters when email is not an option (for example, formal correspondence)

  • Mailing invitations

  • Reminder mailings

  • Mailing one page newsletters

Contact details for dot2dot Post

Dr Bernard Omodei

5/50 Harvey Street, Woodville Park, SA 5011

(08) 8244 0071

0403 935277

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Outgoing letter from Len's Feed Shed

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Direct mail marketing letter from Len's Feed Shed

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Outgoing letter from Len's Feed Shed

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