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Unpowered Terracotta Valve vs Hunter Node

This video compares the Unpowered Terracotta Valve (UTV) with the Hunter Node Battery Operated Controller.

The Hunter Node is powered by two 9 volt alkaline batteries. The UTV does need power. The UTV operates with water pressure as low as one metre head. The minimum water pressure for the Hunter Node is 15 metres head. This means that the UTV can be connected directly to an elevated water tank without using a pump. The Hunter Node need to be programmed with the start time, the run time, and the irrigation frequency. The UTV does not have a timer. You can adjust the discharge from each sprinkler or dripper by adjusting the control dripper. You can adjust the irrigation frequency by adjusting the float. Because the Hunter Node is programmed, it cannot respond to the prevailing on-site weather conditions. However, you can connect a rain sensor so that it responds to rain. The UTV responds automatically to the prevailing on-site weather conditions, namely evaporation and rain. In fact the irrigation frequency is directly proportional to the nett evaporation rate (that is, evaporation minus rainfall). When the water pressure changes or the size of the irrigation zone changes, the discharge from each sprinkler or dripper will charge accordingly with the Hunter Node. But with the UTV the discharge from each sprinkler of dripper is independent of the water supply pressure and the size of the zone. Finally let us compare prices. The Hunter Node Battery Operated Controller with a Rain Sensor costs $263 from Dural Irrigation. The UTV costs $69 from the Measured Irrigation website

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