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Do-It-Yourself Smart Irrigation Controller

It is recommended that you watch the YouTube video DIY Smart Irrigation Controller

DSCN2585 small.jpg

DIY Smart Irrigation Controller showing the unpowered solenoid valve, the ferrite ring magnet assembly, the evaporator and the counter weights

Key features of the DIY Smart Irrigation Controller:

  1. Completely automatic

  2. No electricity is needed (no batteries, no solar panels, no computers, and no electronics)

  3. Adjust the water usage by adjusting the control dripper

  4. Adjust the irrigation frequency by changing the evaporator

  5. Use for both gravity feed and pressurised irrigation

  6. The irrigation frequency and the water usage are directly proportional to the net evaporation rate

  7. Responds appropriately when there is an unexpected heat wave

  8. When it rains, water enters the evaporator and delays the start of the next irrigation

  9. Water usage is independent of the water supply pressure

  10. Uses much less water without affecting the yield

  11. It is incredibly simple and low tech and so fewer things go wrong

  12. Provided you have a continuous water supply, you can leave your irrigation application unattended for weeks on end

  13. The Smart Irrigation Controller is Do-It-Yourself and so you can minimise the cost by using locally sourced components.

  14. Use for any size irrigation application

DSCN2923 anticlockwise.jpg

When the magnet assembly is in the low position the valve is open

When the magnet assembly is in the high position the valve is closed

Adjust the water usage (litres per week) 

by adjusting the control dripper

A list of components and detailed instructions for assembling and using the DIY Smart Irrigation Controller are in the 
Unpowered Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders.

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