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Part-Fill Rainwater Tank Valve

The Part-Fill Rainwater Tank Valve ensures that your rainwater tank never runs out of water. When the rainwater level becomes very low, a small amount of mains water is added to the tank. There is plenty of room left in the tank for more rainwater when it rains. It is very easy to install the Part-Fill Rainwater Tank Valve PFRTV: Step 1. Position the PFRTV so that the bottom of the PFRTV is at the same level as the bottom of the tank. Step 2. Connect the mains water supply to the inlet on the PFRTV. Step 3. Connect a tube to the outlet on the PFRTV and position the other end of the tube so that mains water will flow into the tank. Step 4. Connect the outlet on the rainwater tank to the drain pipe on the PFRTV. Step 5. Turn on the mains water supply and your rainwater tank is now bottomless . The Part-Fill Rainwater Tank Valve may be purchased online from the Measured Irrigation website:

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