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Hi-flow Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller (HUMIC)

It is recommended that you watch the YouTube video Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller UMIC


It is assumed that you are using pressurised irrigation. Using HUMIC you can upgrade your irrigation system so that all your plants are irrigated automatically. You can leave your garden unattended for weeks on end. 

HUMIC does not need any electricity. Furthermore, it is a smart controller because the water usage is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions. In fact, the water usage (litres per week for example) is directly proportional to the net evaporation rate (that is, evaporation minus rainfall).


You can adjust the water usage by adjusting the control dripper. You can adjust the irrigation frequency by changing the float.

Hi-flow Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller (HUMIC) showing one of the float options and the adjustable control dripper on the right

DSCN2736 small.jpg

HUMIC uses an Irritrol solenoid valve with 25mm inlet and outlet for high flow irrigation applications

Adjusting the control dripper

DSCN2732 small.jpg

A hose from a mains tap can be connected to HUMIC for large scale irrigation

  • HUMIC can be used for pressures ranging from 69 kPa to 1034 kPa.

  • The maximum HUMIC flow rate is 6800 L/h at 1034 kPa.

  • HUMIC can be used for sprinkler irrigation.

  • The UMIC Float Switch Attachment is an optional extra that allows you to control any solenoid valve or pump.

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