The Wicking Bed Controller automatically maintains the water level in the wicking bed between a low level and the overflow level. An adjustable float allows the gap between the low level and the overflow level to be set to any value between 20mm and 80mm. You can leave your wicking bed unattended for months on end. The water supply for the Wicking Bed Controller can come from a mains pressure tap or directly from a rainwater tank.


If you have more than one wicking bed you can use the same Wicking Bed Controller for all the beds. Connect the Wicking Bed Controller to one of the beds and connect all the beds together using the drain pipes.


The controller includes everything that you need except for a bucket. The components are as follows:

  • Adjustable float
  • Valve assembly with inlet pipe
  • Outlet pipe
  • Drain pipe


  1. Completely automatic
  2. No electricity is needed (no batteries, no solar panels, no solenoids, and no electronics)
  3. Use for gravity feed or pressurised water supply
  4. Adjust the float to achieve the desired gap between the overflow level and the low level
  5. Simple and low tech, easy to assemble and fewer things to go wrong
  6. A single controller can control multiple wicking beds
  7. Leave your wicking beds unattended for months on end

DIY Wicking Bed Controller (Free Postage within Australia)