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The purchase price of the kit includes free delivery to any postal address in the world. 


The kit has the following components:

  • plastic valve 
  • adjustable dripper Claber Model 91214
  • Float with magnet inserted
  • acrylic tube OD 12mm x ID 8mm x 100mm
  • top hat rubber grommet 13mm ID


The following components are not in the kit and you will need to supply them yourself:

  • bush 15mm female x 20mm male
  • elbow 15mm female x 19mm barb
  • terracotta pot 12cm, 6mm thick, 15mm drain hole
    (75mm minimum outer diameter at bottom,
     110mm minimum height)
  • terracotta saucer 15cm diameter
  • polypipe 4mm x 250mm
  • polypipe 19mm x 200mm
  • barbed takeoff adaptor 4mm


The kit includes detailed instructions for assembling the Unpowered Terracotta Valve.

DIY Unpowered Irrigation Controller Kit

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