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Many gardeners would like to use their rainwater tank to irrigate their garden. If the irrigation system has an irrigation controller, then a problem arises when the rainwater tank runs out of water. If you are on holidays at the time the consequences for your garden could be disastrous.

The ideal solution is to install the PFRTV so that your rainwater tank never runs out of water. There are other part-fill valves available but these require a plumber to install the valve inside your rainwater tank. The PFRTV is completely external to the tank and easy for anyone to install with any size tank.

A hose from a mains water tap is connected to the PFRTV. The valve opens and closes automatically to allow mains water to enter the tank. Whenever the tank is almost empty, the valve opens automatically and the tank will be part filled with mains water. The water level in the tank will be raised by approximately 30mm before the valve closes automatically, and so there is always plenty of room left for rainwater.


Part-Fill Rainwater Tank Valve

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