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MI Six Zone Adaptor for the DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit

Additional irrigation zones

In some applications you may wish to use more than one irrigation zone. For example, different crops may require separate zones. On sloping ground it is preferable to have a number of irrigation zones where each zone is at a different level. For each additional zone you will need an evaporator, a control dripper, a solenoid valve, and a float switch. The MI Six Zone Adaptor can be connected to a maximum of six additional zones.


To install measured irrigation in additional zones you will need the MI Six Zone Adaptor together with the DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit. The MI Six Zone Adaptor, additional solenoids valves, additional float switches and additional control drippers are available online from the Measured Irrigation Shop.

Detailed instructions for using the MI Six Zone Adaptor are in the
DIY Solar Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders.

 MI Six Zone Adaptor

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