Take care of your pot plants when you go on holidays.


Put your pot plants in a large tray. You may use more than one tray by connecting the trays together. When water is added to one tray it spreads to the other trays until the water level is the same in all trays.

Drill a 16mm hole near the bottom of one of the trays and insert the rubber grommet provided into the hole. Then insert the barbed connector into the grommet. Connect a hose to the Unpowered Irrigation Controller, turn on the tap and have a wonderful holiday.


The water level in the trays rises to a high level 100mm above ground level. The water level then falls gradually until it reaches a low level 57mm above ground level. The irrigation starts automatically and the water level rises to the high level again. The cycle continues indefinitely. If you would like the trays to be empty before they start filling again, elevate the trays slightly so that the bottom of the trays is slightly more than 57mm above ground level.


The gap between the high and low levels is preset to 43mm. The gap between the high and low levels can be increased to any value between 43mm and 71mm by adjusting the float inside the controller.


The irrigation controller is unpowered and so there is no battery to go flat.


The irrigation provides as much water as the plants need, depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the requirements of the plants.


A rainwater tank without a pump can be used for the water supply provided that the water level in the tank is at least 1 metre higher than the controller.

Unpowered Irrigation Controller for Pot Plants