The Sunset Measured Irrigation Controller has a float switch so that the irrigation frequency is daily. This is the appropriate choice of irrigation controller for plants with a shalllow root zone or plants in sandy soil.


The Sunset Mesaured Irrigation Cotroller includes:

  • float switch
  • adljustable control dripper
  • control box 
  • light sensor connected to the control box


You can upgrade any irrigation system so that all your plants are irrigated automatically by smart irrigation. Measured irrigation is a new method of irrigation scheduling that responds to the prevailing weather conditions. This means that you use much less water without affecting the yield.


  1. Fully automatic
  2. Smart irrigation controller – the irrigation is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions rather than a program
  3. Use for both gravity feed and pressurised irrigation
  4. Use for any size irrigation system regardless of the size of the solenoid valve
  5. Use for sprinkler or drip irrigation
  6. Use for weeper or soaker hose irrigation
  7. Use for pressure compensating or non pressure compensating drippers.
  8. A light sensor provides the option of irrigating at night time only without using a timer
  9. You can adjust the water usage by adjusting the control dripper
  10. The irrigation frequency in fully automatic mode is daily
  11. The water usage is directly proportional to the net evaporation rate (this is a unique feature of measured irrigation)
  12. Respond appropriately when there is an unexpected heat wave
  13. When it rains, water enters the evaporator and delays the start of the next irrigation
  14. The water usage is independent of the water supply pressure (this is a unique feature of measured irrigation)
  15. Uses much less water without affecting the yield
  16. Simple and low tech and so there are fewer things to go wrong

Sunset Measured Irrigation Controller (free postage)