This brilliant little submersible pump has a flow rate of 700 litres per hour, and can lift water up to 5 metres.

  • A DC voltage converter is provided so that the pump can be connected to a 20 watt solar panel via the converter.
  • The output from the converter will deliver 12v to the pump whenever the output from the solar panel is 17v or more.
  • A switch is attached to the DC converter so that you can manually turn the pump off or on.
  • Two waterproof electrical connectors are provided.
  • Half inch BSP connections.
  • High temperature capacity -40C to 105C.
  • Almost silent operation.
  • Brushless for longer maintenance-free life.
  • Rated for continuous use.


Head in metres versus flow rate in litres per hour

0.0 m     700 L/h

0.5 m     644 L/h

1.0 M     587 L/h

1.5 M     528 L/h

2.0 m     465 L/h

2.5 m     396 L/h

3.0 m     322 L/h

3.5 m     235 L/h

4.0 m     134 L/h

Pump 12v 14w and DC converter (free postage for orders over $170)