The kit consists of the following components:

  • measured irrigation manual

  • inline pump 12V 14W

  • waterproof solenoid valve 12V DC

  • irrigation controller

  • inlet valve

  • 25 outlet flow-splitter

  • evaporator

  • level sensor with 3 probes

  • 120 mesh filter

  • 4 pressure monitor tubes

  • ​4 metres of Miniscape (Landline 8) dripper line with 0.15m spacing

  • 4 metres of Bioline (Landline Purple) dripper line with 0.3m spacing

  • adjustable control nozzle

  • Miniscape control nozzle and Bioline control nozzle

  • eight 9mm valve nozzles for flow-splitter

  • four 2mm valve nozzles for flow-splitter

  • 10 metres of 3-strand electrical irrigation cable

  • 9 waterproof connectors for electrical wire

  • 10 screw connectors for electrical wire

  • light-proof cover for flow-splitter


The kit provides an ideal method for automated gravity feed drip irrigation on sloping land where each zone follows a contour line.

Multi-zone MI Kit with Flow-splitter (Australia only)

  • If you do not want the pump, tell us when you place your order and we will give you a $60 discount.