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Basic Kerbside Stormwater Recycling Kit

I have been able to reduce the price of the Kerbside Stormwater Recycling Kit by $30 by removing some of the non-essential components.

The Basic Kerbside Stormwater Recycling Kit lets you water your garden with stormwater recovered from the roadside gutters. When rain is expected you should setup the kit at a stormwater outlet at the kerbside. Insert the polycarbonate cup into the 90mm stormwater pipe and connect the leads to a 12 volt power supply. When it starts raining and water is flowing from the stormwater pipe, the cup fills with water. The pump inside the cup starts automatically and pumps water into a tank or wheelie bin. When it stops raining the pump stops automatically.

Contents of the kit:

  • Polycarbonate cup with extenal inlet filter, pump and float switch attached

  • Control box connected to the pump and the float switch

  Key features:

  • The pump has a maximum head of 5 metres.

  • The pump has a flow rate of 700 litres per hour at zero head.

  • The cup is made from heavy duty polycarbonate and so it’s unbreakable.

  • The cup has a large overflow area to prevent water backing up inside the stormwater pipe higher than the overflow level.

  • The cup makes a secure pressure fit against the inside of a 90mm stormwater pipe.

  • By detaining some of the stormwater when it rains, less pressure is placed upon the stormwater infrastructure provided by councils in residential areas.

The Basic Kerbside Stormwater Recycling Kit can be purchased online, here is the link:

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