self-sealing laser paper


dot2dot Post sells laser paper that allow letters and brochures to be transformed into secure, self-seal reply paid envelopes.


Using special self-seal adhesive applied to the edges, this invention is both simple to use and effective at maximising response. 




laser printer compatible


no-envelope mailing services


dot2dot Post is the cheapest way to communicate by mail in Australia.


All you have to do is supply the artwork and the data and dot2dot Post will do the rest.


This is a uniquely economic solution for mailings from hundreds to tens of thousands. To use the cheapest mailing service in Australia your communication must fit on one A4 sheet of paper.




thinking outside the envelope

dot2dot Post

Thinking outside the envelope

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reply paid brochures


dot2dot Post can print A4 brochures with a secure self-seal reply paid envelope (no licking required).


reply paid brochures will increase your response to direct mail, unaddressed mail, and magazine & newspaper inserts.




give lick & stick the flick!

Contact details for dot2dot Post

Dr Bernard Omodei

5/50 Harvey Street, Woodville Park, SA 5011

(08) 8244 0071

0403 935277